What Is Executive Coaching?

Developing organizational talent today requires a wide range of strategies.  Executive coaching—along with management and leadership training—can boost productivity and strengthen performance.   Coaching is an individualized development process that builds a leader’s capability to achieve short- and long-term organizational goals. It is conducted through one-on-one interactions with a trusted coach from outside the organization, and driven by data from multiple perspectives. Executives within the organization, HR partners, the coach and the leader being coached all work together to achieve maximum impact.

Just as a coach can help an athlete by observing and offering feedback and suggestions, our experts will partner with you to facilitate the development of a targeted skill.

Our coaches draw on their own business experience, insight into human performance, ability to accurately diagnose development needs, listening skills and proficiency in asking the right kinds of questions—all designed to guide you to a higher level of performance.

How Is Coaching Used?

Most coaching is about developing the capabilities and increasing the effectiveness of existing or emerging leaders and high-potential performers.  We typically focus the coaching engagement on one or two development areas; we also help you think about how you can leverage your strengths.  

We can help you understand a particular dysfunctional behavioral impeding success (i.e., often a personal strength that’s being overused) and work with you to overcome the obstacle, or we can strengthen your effectiveness in areas like: 

§  Using personal influence and gaining commitment

§  Navigating organizational politics and building support

§  Developing “executive presence”

§  Shared leadership and leading without authority

§  Designing and delivering persuasive presentations

§  Building trust and credibility

§  Networking, relationship building and partnering

§  Strengthening emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills

§  Starting successfully in a new role or organization

§  Coaching, giving feedback and developing the talent on your team

§  Getting the team started or back on track

§  Co-creating and engaging in creative dialogue

§  Resolving or managing conflicts productively

§  Interviewing skills, hiring and promotion decision-making

§  Broadening perspective

§  Managing your time, energy and workload

§  Modifying derailing behaviors

How Does Coaching Work?

Each coaching engagement is tailored to suit the circumstances, desired outcomes, timeframes and other needs of the sponsor and client.  We generally follow this process:

 1. Gain an understanding of the business environment, culture and challenges

 2. Establish the goals of the coaching process

 3. Gather data on strengths and performance to understand the current reality

 4. Build and agree on a development plan

 5. Coach to the plan

 6. Monitor and report on progress

 7. Decide on ways to sustain progress





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