Our Capabilities


Is your team:

  • Just getting started or regrouping?
  • Losing traction due to changes in direction or team composition?
  • Not operating collectively as a team?
  • Unclear about roles, processes, accountabilities, desired outcomes?
  • Struggling with deadlines, conflicts, mistrust or communication issues? 

Our services include:

  • Tools for accelerating a team’s performance
  • New team start-up and development
  • The reorganization or expansion of an existing team
  • Crisis intervention for a dysfunctional team
  • Launching a new initiative, product or service
  • Strategies and a process for building a culture based on collaboration, innovation, accountability, customer-focus or other values
  • Leadership team retreats and working sessions
  • Meyers-Briggs or StrengthsFinder interpretation sessions for the team



Team Performance Accelerator

The Team Performance Accelerator is a highly experiential and transformative team-building experience that brings a rare and profoundly impactful dimension to team development—the use of horses.  

 The idea is simple—horses are highly perceptive animals.  They have a capacity for independent thinking, social relationships, and individual dispositions.  They also have unique strengths and limitations. In short, horses have a temperament that resembles —in some interesting ways—the mindset shared by your fellow team members and those you lead.

 The Team Performance Accelerator is an off-site workshop conducted at a horse sanctuary and conference center outside of Pittsburgh.  A substantial portion of time is devoted to achieving whatever outcomes are necessary at the moment—weighing strategic choices, setting goals or reviewing performance, engaging in talent review discussions, resolving a key issue, etc.—but at certain teachable moments the facilitator will pivot to a hands-on activity involving the horses. 

 Our facilitators are experts in team dynamics, strategy, organizational development—and horses.  As they facilitate the “business discussions,” our facilitators keenly observe how the team is functioning—we can spot buried conflicts, lingering resentments, hesitance to commit to goals, unwillingness to discuss issues openly—and help the team see and confront issues hindering their performance.  That’s where the horses come in.  Each activity is designed and selected to illustrate a critical lesson the team must learn as it accomplishes its work. 

 As they interact with the horses, team members practice many of the same skills they need to be successful in their roles—they gain new insights about establishing direction, gaining trust, openly discussing and resolving conflicts, leading without controlling, setting expectations, making commitments, compromising, setting goals, overcoming fears, communicating ideas and needs, giving feedback, building a cohesive team—and what they come to understand about horses is immediately applicable to their own team. 

 Participants leave the workshop having completed or made considerable progress on the most essential tasks at hand, and with strengthened relationships and cohesiveness.  They begin to act synergistically to create mutually beneficial, outcome-based relationships.  

Note: This is not like going on a typical horseback ride.  No prior horse experience is necessary and participants can elect not to ride a horse while still being able to fully participate in the team experience.  Our trained saftey aides actively support all team learning activities.

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