Client Feedback



 “I found this program very useful and valuable.  It gives me a different perspective to see how to look for gaps between average and star performers.”

 Yaling F.


“Excellent class.  The engineers get the breadth and contribute better after this class.”

 Girish A.


“Revolutionizes your career mindset! Two thumbs and two toes up!”

 Bogdan B.


“I have a lot to learn.  This is the best class I have taken.”

 Jack L.


 “As a 25-year employee and veteran of numerous corporate courses, I anticipated a class of limited usefulness.  I was wrong.  The concepts covered were illuminating and inspirational.  I thoroughly enjoyed the subject matter, breakout sessions, and interactions with the instructor and my classmates.”

 Anna E.


 “The Initiative session was very useful.  I was finally able to chalk out the initiative and identify clear goals that are measurable.”



“The classes were very informative and have definitely given me some great insights into how I can improve aspects of my performance.”

 Andy B.


 “I appreciate your facilitation of the two sessions in the Star Performer classes (Initiative and Followership).  I did not agree with every precept put forth, but you made accommodation for my infrequent but somewhat dissenting opinions, without a driving need to assert that the teacher is always right.  I sense a measure of genuine humility and intellectual honesty which has made the two sessions you presented both enjoyable and real.”

 John A.


“I’ve really enjoyed the class and hope to put into practice what I’ve learned.”

 Richard L.


“Thank you once again for teaching me to practice skills and techniques that will elevate all of us.”

 Reza W.


 “Thank you for another great class!  The concepts are already helping me improve my network and gain more visibility with key people in my organization and beyond.”

 Avi H.


 “Yes indeed the information resonated with me….I too agree that much of what you discussed would be particularly interesting to women of color, hence my keen interest in what you were sharing.  I believe there is a unique dynamic that women of color who are star performers need to be aware of as they navigate their careers and organizations.”

 Aurora A.


 “Use of virtual classroom tools was excellent in providing varied instruction approaches and keeping participants engaged.”



  “This has been a wonderful program.  I was always having a feeling I am a star.  But this training opened up lots of windows for me to improve myself.”

 Ravi  K.


 “I found the entire program very well structured to help people identify the key areas where  improvements are needed.  Very useful for individuals who are looking for next level of growth in their careers.”

 Rakesh S.


  “This is the first virtual course I attended as a group and it's really great. There were interactions between the instructor and participants and also participants to participants where they grouped us and virtually we also met with our own teams to discuss the topics.”



“It really helped me very much and now I can surely be telling “no one can stop me from reaching my dream.”

 Geeta P.


 “This was a great use of my time.  I feel much more energized to go out and expand my current role and now feel I have the tools to do so.”

 Gina T.


 “One of the best virtual trainings I have ever done, congratulations!”