Upcoming Events: Late Spring, 2015


 Is your team:


§  Planning or managing a major change initiative?

§  Running into issues that hurt productivity?

§  Just getting started, or having to make mid-course adjustments?

§  Facing crucial strategic choices, or needing to set the business strategy?


If you’ve got a lot riding on the success of certain teams, we invite you to join us for an impressive demonstration that highlights new ways of thinking and leading, including:


  • The ability to set direction, align goals, experiment, adjust and lead through change
  • Techniques that unify the team in agreement about the desired outcome or goals
  • Inquisitiveness, intellectual flexibility and creative dialogue to solve problems
  • Broader thinking and conceptual complexity
  • An asset-based mindset that taps into strengths, drives engagement and distributes leadership influence among members of the team
  • Reflection, a feedback orientation and greater self-awareness
  • Inclusion and engagement across boundaries, to build relationships and connections


Equipping everyone on the team to think and lead this way requires an unconventional approach to learning.  Avid Learner and Unbridled Performance have partnered together to develop research-based and validated tools, and a remarkably powerful way to help leaders master the challenges they face.

Why Do We Use Horses?

Horses are living beings that think independently.  They are sensitive to and very aware of what is going on around them—just like your employees, stakeholders and customers.  Horses don’t acknowledge a person’s position power, status or title.  They only recognize trustworthiness, awareness, sense of self, confidence and leadership capability.  And they provide immediate, visual feedback as you interact with them.  Our facilitated discussions—combined with uniquely tailored activities—create a high-impact learning experience that enable participants to recognize opportunities to strengthen their leadership.

We Invite You for a Demonstration

Come by yourself, or organize a team of colleagues—ideally, a group of four—and join us, along with our guests from other client organizations, for a hands-on demonstration at our retreat center.  Pick either one of these two demonstration times:

Date: Friday, June 19, 2015 or Friday, June 26, 2015


Time: 2 p.m.-4:30 p.m.


Address: 2496 US Route 30 Hookstown, PA 15050


Registration Fee: $25 per person.  Registration in advance is required.  Snacks and refreshments will be served.  We’ll send you driving directions, and more information about what to wear, etc., when you register.


To Register: Call +1.412.835.7306, or email david.huffner@avidlearner.com.


Private Appointments: If you’re curious, but these dates don’t work for you, we’d be happy to arrange a private demonstration for your small group.


Target Audience

Our leadership and team development programs are targeted to:

  • Executive and leadership teams
  • Intact work teams, project teams, cross-functional teams, problem-solving teams, etc.
  • Project managers and team leaders
  • High-potential employees or those placed into “emerging talent” pools


Our Capabilities

 Our services include:


§  Tools for accelerating a team’s performance

§  New team start-up and development

§  The reorganization or expansion of an existing team

§  Crisis intervention for a dysfunctional team

§  Launching a new initiative, product or service

§  Strategies and a process for building a culture based on collaboration, innovation, accountability, customer-focus and other values

  • §  Leadership team retreats and working sessions


We fully tailor our Team Performance Accelerator workshops to address your specific needs.  Our workshops, processes and tools can be used as:


  1. A stand-alone intervention to help one team
  2. The key component of a broader culture change initiative
  3. A complement to your existing leadership development efforts, or a key element in our Emerging Leadership Program, based on HOW TO BE A STAR AT WORK ®


Pass It On


If you know a colleague who you think might be interested in knowing more about our work, please forward this invitation.  For more information, call or write back—I hope you can come see us!